Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Here it is: Even though I have revived my house-keeping system, I didn't get to it today.  At all.   Nothing in my house was cleaned today, except for throwing the breakfast and lunch dishes into the dishwasher.  

Instead, I played with my kid all day long. 

And I loved it.

The housework will have to get back into the schedule, but today was so much fun.  We had my friend's 2 and 1/2 year old boy come over for awhile today, and Isaac thought it was pretty fun to be the big kid around.  He took him on a tour of every single train engine that he owns, helped him put his shoes on, and showed him how to work the hose outside.  

Our lawn is well-watered.

Isaac had such a good time, that when I told the boys that our little friend was leaving soon, Isaac turned to me and said, "Um, Kelli, can we pray that he comes back again soon?  Can we pray that right now?"

We also spent awhile outside picking stuff from the garden this afternoon.  I picked the veggies and herbs, and Isaac collected them in a bowl.  We had a great time counting how many basil leaves we picked (13, if you're curious - it's still a little plant!), and he's starting to learn the names of all the plants. 

Once inside, we mixed all the herbs together when we washed them, then he sorted them back into piles so they could dry off a little before storing them.

It's pretty amazing to me how many interests we share.  He loves to help me in the garden, to learn more about food (healthy food that you can eat a lot of, healthy food that is good to eat in little bits, and junk food....he can categorize about any food we eat), and likes to help in the kitchen. 

He also thinks dusting is fun, but he's on his own with that one.

Anyway, today has been a great day.  I still have to keep reminding myself that he gets to stay, and every time I think of that, it makes me smile.

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  1. Kelli - this side of heaven you will never know what you mean to me! Thank you for your sacrifice this week. Can I tell you that I follow the same house management schedule and I have been off schedule since JANUARY! :)