Wednesday, June 1, 2011

She Had A Beard.

Overall, I really like Veggie Tales.  They're usually pretty funny, and Isaac learns a lot about the Bible from them.  In fact, the other day, he was explaining mercy to me in a way that was pretty clear for a 6 year old.  So, 3 cheers for Veggie Tales.

However, I have discovered their downside.

On most of the videos (that I've seen, anyway, which isn't all that many), they have Silly Songs With Larry (the part of the show where Larry sings a silly song...), and they have these crazy lyrics that get stuck in Isaac's head.

Yesterday, he had one random line in his head from the "I Love My Lips" song that he sang

"She had a beard.  And it felt weird."

It doesn't really matter if you've seen the movie or not, either way it's a weird line to hear over and over.  And the worst part?  It's now been stuck in MY head for HOURS.


But it's hard to ban videos that teach my kid about mercy and make him laugh so hard he falls off his chair, so we just might be stuck with odd lyrics for awhile.  In the meantime, if you hear me absentmindedly sing a weird lyric or two....well, you'll know why.

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