Thursday, June 2, 2011

Faith, trust, and health

Yesterday I had another followup mammogram, and I think I was more nervous for this one for the last one.  There was just more at stake if they found cancer, and the possibilities were pretty heavy to think about.

Dave and I spent awhile praying the night before, and we determined that we would praise God no matter the outcome, because he IS faithful, no matter the circumstances.

However, even though I know he is faithful, I also know that He can allow difficult circumstances that I will not enjoy.  I think trusting God is not just a blind "trust" that circumstances will turn in my favor, but trust that because God is faithful, He will walk with me through any situation, working for my good and His glory.

So, my head and heart were trusting God, and my stomach was in knots!

However, I am happy to report that God is not only faithful, but He also gave me the blessing of still being cancer free!  That means I'm a year and a half out from my diagnosis, and only 6 months away from the next big milestone of 2 years.

We are so thankful!


  1. Yeah!!! Praise God for his faithfulness and love!!!!

  2. So thankful with you! That is GREAT news!