Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Yarbo!

I can't believe Yarbo turns 3 today!  He still mostly acts like he's two, but maybe 3 will be the year that he grows up.  Even so, he started out as a cute little puppy, and has steadily grown in our hearts.

I can hardly believe how little he used to be!  When we brought him home, I could hold him in one hand.  It's been fun to watch his personality develop.  

He loves to snuggle, and can often be found napping (or just waking up from a nap!)

And a few of my favorites over the past few years:

One of the reasons Dave loves him:  Yarbo's willingness to nap with us through any Bear's game.

Side note:  I always said I wouldn't be one of "those" people who dresses up their dog in little outfits all the time.  I do love this jersey, but in my defense, it was a gift!

And proof that I love him:  As many times as he has shown interest in my coffee, from eating beans dropped on the floor, to just drinking straight out of my mug before I can catch him (gross!), he still gets to live with us.

I think the time when Yarbo really cemented himself into my heart was last year though.  All through the battle with cancer, I was in such pain, and Yarbo would just lay carefully right next to me.  He was so gentle, as if he sensed the pain I was in.  He would nuzzle my hand while I cried, and refused to leave my side after surgeries.  

I know he's "just" a dog, and he definitely drives me nuts sometimes, but I can't imagine life without him.

Happy Birthday Yarbo!

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