Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

To all the wonderful dad's out there,  I hope you enjoy your day!

I am incredible thankful for my dad.  Growing up, I never realized that not all dads were not like my dad.  I thought that every dad was like Superman.  He could fix any toy that was broken, build furniture, arrange flowers, turn closets into bathrooms, remodel the house, find anything that was lost (and I do mean anything), remember all the words to my favorite songs, grill amazing burgers, lead our family in prayer, and probably save puppies from burning buildings, all while finding time to spend with his wife and kids.

I'm also very thankful for Dave's dad.  While I don't have as many years of memories to draw on as my dad, I have such deep respect for him.  He is incredibly committed to family, which is no small thing, given how far apart everyone lives (our family is spread across multiple countries!).  He is also very committed to excellence in education and work, which has made him an expert in his field, and taken him all over the world teaching others.

Both of our dads have been such wonderful examples to us, and it has been such a joy to see Dave follow in their footsteps, acting out the things he has learned from both of them.  From the time we were dating, I would see him play with other people's kids, and think to myself, "He's going to be a great dad someday."

And now, with Isaac having found his way into our hearts, I see that God has shaped and molded Dave into the man he is, to be the perfect father for our little boy.  I'm not saying he's a perfect dad (yet, anyway....give him another few months or so...), but he truly is perfect for Isaac.

He has such patience when answering all of Isaac's many, many questions.  Dave carefully nurtures his tender young heart, and encourages him to explore and learn.  He models being a gentleman, shows him around the hardware store, lets him "help" with home projects, and he teaches him about Jesus.

He is turning into an amazing father, and I have had the blessing of watching it happen. I hope that Isaac grows up to be just like his dad someday.

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