Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our Life Lately...

Lately, I have felt kind of like Yarbo looks here:
Life is good.  So good.  But all this goodness is a little tiring.  It's a definite change of pace, and while I have loved it, we are definitely still adjusting!

Isaac is hilarious, wonderful, and just plain precious.  We've made play-dough from scratch, gone to the zoo with friends, moved up to a new Sunday school class, learned how to fold shirts (his idea, really!) and watered the yard many times over in playtime with the hose.  And that's just a taste of life since my last post, less than a week ago!

Not to mention learning how to spell his new name.  Even though all the paperwork isn't finished yet, if you ask him what his new name is, he calls himself a Schoney!  I just love hearing it.

Speaking of paperwork and finalization, there is hope that we can finalize it at the end of July.


That's 6-8 WEEKS from the date of his placement, rather than 6-8 months.  Please pray that the judge is ok with this change, so that we can get our court date set for sure!

They are (hopefully) waiving most of the waiting period because Dave's parents will be here from Canada during that time, and our judge really likes being able to have family there when possible.  I wondered if we could move their visit up to next week, but thought that might be pushing it... :)

Pretty exciting stuff!  In the meantime, we are having fun learning new routines, singing songs, playing, reading, learning, and just figuring out life as a family.

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