Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Evening I [almost] Fell Out of My Chair.

There seem to be 3 things that Isaac loves most in life:  Trains, McDonald's and watching anything that moves on a screen.  I'm only ok with 1 out of 3 of them being a constant in our life.

We've been working at moving TV down on his priority list, and it's been a bit of a process.  In fact, last weekend, we went to Omaha to spend time with family, and at the end of the day, he looked at me with these huge, serious eyes, put his hand on my arm, and said something that made me laugh:

"Kelli, we forgot to watch TV today."

His tone implied that the seriousness of the situation was on level with "We forgot to eat today," or, "We forgot to breathe today."  I tried to keep a serious face, and reminded him of how much fun we had that day, so much fun that we didn't have time for TV, which seem to resolve the crisis in his mind.

Anyway, at any given opportunity, he asks to watch TV, until tonight.  I was working on the garden, and Dave was trying to get something done, so we had voluntarily let him watch some Veggie Tales.  Then, Dave took a break from what he was doing, and Isaac got him to say yes to playing a game that's a mini-version of Jenga.

And he was having so much fun playing games at the table, that I heard the phrase that made me almost fall out of my chair:

"Um, can we please turn the TV off?"


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