Sunday, July 10, 2011

Adoption Week: It's finally here!

It's finally here!  We have officially declared it to be "Adoption Week" in the Schoney household.  We're doing something fun every day this week in honor of Isaac's adoption, and he has LOVED it so far.  

We actually got a little early start to the celebration week yesterday with a party thrown for us by a dear friend.  There were so many people there from our church group to wish us well and offer support, and I kept tearing up at the most frustrating moments.  After getting teary so much at the party, I don't think there's a chance in the world I'll make it through the blessed event with my mascara intact. 

It was such a blessing to our hearts though, to have friends surround us with such care and love.  My heart truly overflows with thanks when I think about it.  Isaac was funny to watch - it was by far the biggest event he'd ever attended as the guest of honor, and at one point, he had a little bit of the deer-in-headlights look, but after he started running around with some of the other kids, he relaxed and had a great time.  He's still talking about who was there, what he enjoyed, and other things about the party, so I can tell he's still thinking it over a lot, and that it meant so much to him.

Anyway, today, we spent the first day of Adoption Week going to church, running an errand, then home to the pool we got a few days ago (great clearance find!).  

I'm looking forward to a few days from now when I can quit cropping him out of the photo, but it was such a nice, green, sunny day outside.  It was also hot and muggy, but that was not so bothersome when playing in the water.

While in the pool, Isaac and I spent a lot of time working on spelling his whole (new) name.  I set the letters to a rhythm, which seemed to make it easier to pick up. He can make it all the way through now!

And, after dinner, we ended the day with our official Adoption Week activity, as requested by Isaac:  We played board games.  

And no, those are not poker chips, they're to a Connect Four game that is made out of legos (just wanted to clarify).  We started with Connect Four and ended with Clue.  Isaac got two whole bowls of Skittles to himself, which he thought was great.  Of course, the "bowl" only holds about a tablespoon, if that, so it was about 10 Skittles at a time (which I thought was great), but he liked having whole "bowls" of them!

And now, only 5 days left.


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