Monday, July 11, 2011

Adoption Week: Delightful Conversations

We were listening to a song about adoption during lunch today, and Isaac and I started talking about adoption.  He has a wonderfully tender heart combined with a quick wit that makes conversations touching and hilarious all within a minute.

Me: Isaac, did you know that song was about adoption? 
Isaac: no, I was eating my carrots. 
Me: Well, it's about adoption, and about the fact that God adopts us into His forever family just like we are adopting you into ours. 
Isaac: Ohhhhh! 
Me: And, it's about how God answers prayer. Like when Dad and I
prayed for you. 
We wanted kids to love, so we prayed and prayed and
prayed. And do you know what happened? 
Isaac: [with a cheeky grin] Uh, it was a boy?

Well, there you go.  We're having a kid, and it's a boy!

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  1. This is my favorite blog post that I've EVER read!