Monday, July 11, 2011

Adoption Week: Donuts, pie, and sparkling countdowns

For adoption week, we told Isaac he could choose one day to go out for a donut, so today we started off the day by going out for an early breakfast (so Dave could join us), and Isaac got to choose a donut to go with his breakfast.  The one he chose was, not surprisingly, about as big as his face, but he still managed to eat it anyway.

The whole thing.

We went home and I started working on laundry, since Mondays are laundry days at our house.  We had found a pair of Cars II socks on clearance for 25 cents, so that was a fun little gift to give him this morning as we were sorting laundry.

We also made a countdown for the wall and decorated it with sparkly stickers.  The numbers are filled with stars because we're celebrating, and there are smiley faces outside the letters because we're happy!  We'll take down one number each day till we get down to zero.

We also made Adoption Week pies today (strawberry-rhubarb, in case you're curious), in individual little ramekins.  It was fun to squish the pie dough together, then we made S's out of pie dough to go on top of the pies.

I wouldn't normally make pies on a day where we already had donuts, but it's Adoption Week, so that makes it ok, right?  Besides, they were actually reasonably healthy (or at least not too terrible for you).  The pie crust was pre-made, but the filling was mostly fruit, a little whole-wheat flour, and just a little bit of raw sugar.

After they cooled, we put some light whip cream on them and ate them on the back deck before Isaac went swimming (I know, I know, eating then swimming.  But he mostly sits in the pool and splashes around, so I figured it was ok).

They were pretty delicious!

In the meantime, we've kept working on spelling his whole name to the rhythm we made up.  Only 4 more days till it's official!


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