Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Adoption Week: Wednesday & Thursday

Well, I kind of ran out of time to blog last week.  We were adopting a boy, you see, and that just took priority.  You understand, I'm sure.

But for those of you who were on the edge of your seat last week, wondering what in the world Wednesday nights' surprise was, I'm here to relieve the suspense.

On Wednesday night, we took him to Build A Bear.  Normally, he is so good at not asking for things in toy stores, and being patient, so this time, we told him he could ask for anything he wanted.  We told him that it wasn't a guarantee that he would get it, but he could ask for anything.

It actually took him a few minutes to get warmed up, but once he did, he went for the big stuff!  I heard words that I thought would be years coming:
"Um, can I please have a new car?"
They had cars for the build-a-bears, complete with a working horn (oh the joy of noisy toys....), and somehow, that ended up in our bag.

We also got him a red polo shirt, since that's Isaac's favorite color, black pants, Sketcher shoes (which Isaac later said was his favorite part.  What about the car??), and glasses. Isaac started jumping up and down when he saw the glasses, and it really is a cute look:

The next day, Isaac had an appointment with his eye doctor, and they gave him an eye patch for his Build A Bear so that they could both match!

We named him and everything (Isaac decided to name him Isaac Jr), and then came back home.  A very fun evening!

Thursday, we had another surprise for him, but with family coming into town, and last minute running around, it was bedtime before we would have been able to get to it.

I didn't really want to give him a new toy, then have to still put him to bed amid all the excitement, and 8:00am comes pretty early, whether or not you've had enough sleep.  However, we had told him we had a surprise.

So, we offered him a deal: He could have his surprise that night and go straight to bed after opening it, or he could wait till the next day, and we would add to the surprise.   We were impressed that he chose to wait and get a bigger surprise.

The next day, after his adoption, a few of us were back at the house, and we finally gave him the surprise: a Leapster!  And to add to the surprise, we gave him 2 games to go with it.

I think that face says it all.  The timing of it was very good, as we had a family reunion to head to that night, and it kept him busy for hours in the car.

More details of the adoption day will be coming soon!

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