Sunday, July 31, 2011

An experiment in cheese-making

I got a package delivered to my doorstep this weekend that made me super-excited.

Like the can-hardly-sit-still excited.

I got my cheese-making kit!

So far, the people I have told have mostly given me a bit of a questioning look, as if to say, "Really?  Cheese?  Don't you know that you can get that at the store, already made?  So much easier, really..."

And I will admit that it's totally easier to buy cheese already made.  Particularly if you need it shredded. 

I also got a " anyone could do it, you can..."  

I'm never exactly sure what that means, and am pretty divided on whether that's a compliment or not (the look on that person's face suggested that it may not be....).

However, when I look at my rules for whether or not to make something at home or buy it at the store already made, it fits a couple of the criteria so far:  There is a significant health difference, and it's significantly cheaper (I think).

Since I'm supposed to have any animal-based product I regularly consume be organic, cheese would start to get expensive.  Fast.  Which is why, to this point, I have just eaten regular cheese.  But I really would like to follow doctor's orders on stuff like this, so making my cheese at home seems like it could potentially be the best of both worlds, since I could make it using only hormone-free milk.

Anyway, stay tuned, and I'll tell you how it turns out.  In the meantime, if any readers have made their own cheese, I'd love any tips or suggestions you have!
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