Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just Sign on the Dotted Line

Isaac and I were in his room playing the other day, and as he looked out the window into the backyard, he made me smile.
"When I'm big," he said, "I'm going to live in the house right behind us so that I can just walk right over whenever I want."
"That way," he added, "We'll see each other all the time, and I can still help you cook!" 
Later that day, when we were talking, I asked him if he remembered telling me he'd live right behind us.
"Oh yes!" he replied.
"Ok, now I just need you to sign an agreement so I can hold you to that when you're older,"  I joked.
"Ok! I'll sign," he said.  "Because I really do want to see you every day when I'm big." 
Every time that kid comes even close to frustrating me, before I know it, he melts my heart into a big puddle all over again.

Now I need to go find a piece of paper and a super-permanent pen....

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