Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Fancy Spoon

We have a lot of silverware at our house.  And most of it matches, thanks to the generosity of wedding guests years ago.  In the spoon section, though, there is one spoon that is from Dave's old set.

I don't remember why that one lone spoon was kept when we took out the old silverware and excitedly filled the drawer with the new.  It's an older style, filled with lots of little details on the handle, and not what I would choose. But there it sits, the one old spoon in our drawer of silverware.  And even though our silverware isn't so new anymore, to me, it's still the "good" stuff. Clean lines, simple design.  It's more to my taste.

Isaac has started helping me empty the dishwasher by sorting the clean silverware, and one day he saw this old spoon.  He thought it was the fancy one!  He turned to me with pleading eyes and asked me if someday, he could use the fancy spoon.

Seemed like an easy wish to grant.

The next morning, I gave him his cereal, and slipped the different spoon into his bowl, wondering if he'd even really notice.
"Oh, thank you!!" he cried.  "Thank you SO MUCH, for giving me the fancy spoon!"  
His joy was so evident and visible, all over an old spoon.  But really, I think he made a choice that was wise beyond his years.  He chose not to see the scratches and marks.  He didn't compare it to other styles and find it outdated.  He took joy in what he was given, and gave thanks for what he had.  And in doing so, had a marvelous time at breakfast!

I haven't been able to get that incident out of my mind.  How often do I see something in my life, and compare it, see it as irrelevant, or just ignore it all together?  How many times do I forget to look for the blessings that come from taking joy in God, and giving thanks for the gifts He gives me?

I've decided to keep the spoon in with the others.  But instead it being the old spoon, I'm going to join Isaac in calling it the "fancy spoon."  It will be a good reminder to find joy in what I've been given, and give thanks for what I have!

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