Monday, August 15, 2011

Solving the Energy Crisis (at least in our house)

Today we got back from 10 days on the road.

Then we started some laundry, pulled together school supplies, cleaned up, put wrinkled, leftover clothes from our suitcases on and ran to Isaac's back-to-school open house night, met his teacher, organized his desk, ran to his first football practice, watched him go through the drills, got dinner, and went to pick up some fruit to have in the house before coming home to try to take care of the garden.

I am exhausted.

As we were walking into the store to get fruit, I was trying not to drag my feet while Isaac skipped beside me, and he asked if we could puh-lease go to another store afterwards instead of home to bed.

I told him that we could only do that if he found a way to transfer some of his energy over to me.

"But we run on different fuel sources!," he said. "I run on water and you run on coffee!"

Apparently there's just not much he misses.

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