Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's like we're cousins....

I got Andy and Isaac these awesome shirts a couple of weeks ago, and they beg to wear them every time they're clean. Which may or may not be as often as they'd like (How does that laundry pile grow so FAST?).  But whenever they see them in the closet, they beg to wear them, whether the weather calls for long sleeves or not.

The last time they wore them, they sat there just giggling together in their room, and when I came in and asked what was so funny, they pointed to each other's shirts.

I still wasn't getting it, but amid the laughter, Andy finally said, "Well, it's like we're cousins....." and Isaac picked up his sentence and finished with, "but it's even better - we're brothers!"

They asked if we could take a few pictures so that "we can always remember the shirts and remember that we're brothers."

Well, if that helps them remember they're brothers, why not?

I have a couple of goofy, fun-loving boys!  The photo above is what I got when I said, "Ok boys, now give me your nicest smile!"   Not exactly their "picture perfect" smile, but silly, and oh-so-fun.

Then they wanted to know if the store made t-shirts with different writing on it.  I asked them what they had in mind, and they said that instead of having t-shirts that said that they were the "most awesome big/little brother," they wanted t-shirts that said they "had the most awesome big/little brother."  I haven't seen those anywhere, but I loved the idea.  And even more, I loved that they thought of it.

Also, did I mention how much energy they have?  It seems to multiply exponentially when they're together!

I love that they are both so happy to have a brother.  I often think about how good God is to Dave and I to give us such wonderful kids, but their happiness at having a brother has been a reminder of how good God is to them too.  I pray they always see that!


  1. They look like brothers! In fact, they look more alike than either of my twins. It's like God planned for them to meet up as brothers one day. (Oh! Wait! That IS what he planned!)

    And boys are CRAZY balls of pure energy but SO MUCH LESS MOODY than girls. :-)

    Not sure what size they are in but Carters goes up to size 7 and they almost always have cool big/little brother shirts.

  2. Jen, I LOVE that you are able to say, "either of my twins." I have always thought it would be fun (though exhausting) to have twins. : ) Thanks for the Carter's tip, they both wear either size 5 or 6 (but both the same size, much to Andy's chagrin!), so I'll have to check them out!

  3. Girl, YOU have twins! Getting two boys within a few months counts as having twins, even if they're different ages.

    We love Carter's. There's a store by us and they have great sales.

  4. Adorable Kelli! I'm so excited for all four of you. God is good!