Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wow, it's been awhile.

Oh my goodness.  It has been a long time.  In the last um....however-long-it's-been-since-I-last-posted, a lot has happened.  And there are exciting things going on in this house.

You'll have to wait for following posts to find out more about the exciting stuff going on around here, but here's what's been happening lately, in as short of summary as I can manage:

A lot.

For a slightly longer summary:
We had our first Thanksgiving as a family of four.  Andy looked over at me during the meal, and said, "Oh.my.goodness.  There is a LOT of food.  Is Thanksgiving here always like this?  This is awesome!"  We loved having family join us, and it was a special time together.

We have been working on finishing the basement.  Contractors have been working on our basement too, and I seriously cannot keep up on all the dust they caused (please, for the love, could you properly tent with tarp if you are EVER in my basement?  Just sayin....)

I have been ridiculously sick.  I had the flu, followed by bronchitis, and really didn't have time to be out of commission for that long in the middle of December.  I mean, time to myself is nice and all, but not at the expense of EVERYTHING ELSE.  I was sick for about 12 days, and am finally able to laugh without collapsing in a fit of coughing again, which feels lovely.

We've been getting ready for Christmas.  So.much.fun with 2 boys in the house!  We've been making candy, decorating cookies, setting up Nativity scenes, reading Christmas books, and making presents for people we love.   It's been so fun to see them excited to celebrate Jesus' birthday!

So that's our life lately in a nutshell.  We've been busy!
Nutshell source :)

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