Saturday, March 17, 2012

Soy-Free Saturday: Bread

I looked everywhere for soy-free, whole-wheat bread.  Well, almost everywhere.  Ok.  I looked in a lot of places.  And I didn't see a lot of options.  Soy oil was used in everything!

Happily, I usually make most of our bread, and that's been not only a big money-saver, but it's then very easy to make sure it's soy-free!

It's a pretty easy recipe (at least it usually is), and you can check it out here.

However, let's be perfectly honest: I do not always have time, nor energy, to make bread.  I often do, and I enjoy it, but I still wanted to have a store-bought option for those times.

Finally, I managed to find whole-wheat bread at Trader Joe's.  Unfortunately, it's $2.99/loaf.  And though we do still sometimes buy it for the sake of convenience, I prefer the price, and frankly the taste, of the home-made stuff.  I have figured that it costs about 40 cents a loaf to make it at home, which can be motivating.

For anyone looking for easy bread recipes, you can also check out's butterhorn rolls.  They are easy, delicious, and my favorite part - they can be made ahead of time and frozen for later.
Note: I changed a few things from her recipe - I used only whole-wheat flour and added a few tablespoons of vital wheat gluten (see my bread recipe for more on that ingredient), and the next time I make them I think I will try to make at least 10 rolls per circle, if not more - the rolls turned out really, really big!  
So, if you are trying to reduce or eliminate soy, and especially soy oils from your diet, make sure you check the labels of your bread!  And try being even more adventurous and making your own - if I can do it, anyone can!

**Disclaimer: These Soy-Free Saturday posts contain only my opinion, and should be used with discretion according to your doctor's assessment of your personal needs.  

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