Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Isaac's Birthday - #7!

We celebrated Isaac's birthday a little bit ago, and it was so much fun to be able to celebrate his 2nd birthday as part of our family!  I love building that history of family events with our kids.

The day started super early, as we had my brother's college graduation to go to that morning.  I wasn't sure how they would handle getting up at 6:30, but when I heard a noise outside our door at 6:20, I checked it and found both boys standing outside our door trying to stifle giggles.

When I asked them what they were doing up so early, they said they were too excited to stay still anymore, so they couldn't sleep and decided to wait for us to get up.  One said they had been there for 5 minutes, the other said 2 hours.  Hard to tell exactly how early they got up!

So, we let Isaac come down through the birthday curtain (what, not everybody has those?), and he was really excited for the first viewing of his cake!

Growing up, my dad would make the most amazing birthday cakes you've ever seen - Cake Boss has nothing on him!  One year he made me a Lisa Frank horse, another year it was a 2-foot replica of my pet parakeet - he would find things that were important to us, and make it into a delectable treat!

I have wanted to carry on that tradition with our kids.  I'm not up to my dad's level of cake decorating, but Isaac was still pretty thrilled with his Thomas the Train cake, and it made my day to see his face light up.

We then went to Mike's graduation, where it was unreasonably hot, but we were all proud of his accomplishments.  Anyone who graduates from ISU is first-class material!

After enjoying that celebration, we went back to Des Moines to go to Incredible Pizza to have lots of fun.  After enjoying all the video games, car rides, mini golf, and bowling, we ate dinner and opened some presents.
About to blow out the candles!

Isaac has been telling me he wants to be a chef for a year now, so we got him professional gear! 

I made a book for each of the kids that has their story from when they joined our family through their adoption day.  Isaac couldn't take his eyes off of it for a long time! 

Family Picture!  Appropriately, Thomas happened to be on the screen behind us!
All in all, it was a very good day.  I can't believe my little boy turned 7!  I asked him if he would like to stay 6 instead, but he said he felt ready to get bigger.  And really, he's doing really well at being a fantastic 7 year old!

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