Thursday, June 21, 2012

Yarbo's Birthday

What.  Do you not celebrate your pet's birthdays?  Because we do, and it's fun. I'm definitely not one of those people who confuse my dog with my human children, but we do love Yarbo, and it becomes something fun to do as a family.

A couple of weeks old

So yesterday Yarbo turned 4.  And we gave him birthday hugs, reminisced about when he was a puppy, and ended with birthday treats.  We were going to get him (me) new bowls for his birthday, but the pet store didn't have the color we wanted (boo).

We got him Frosty Paws ice cream (no, not making it up, it's peanut butter flavored and he loves it!), and he wagged his tail even more earnestly than usual.  The rest of us settled for Cookies & Cream, though the boys kept asking to try Yarbo's, because they said it smelled better (gross).

The birthday dog was polite enough to wait for one photo with the kids (notice the bowl of Frosty Paws on the floor in front of him) before digging in (pardon the low-quality pic and our dish washer in the background....).

It's a once a year treat, but it's fun.  Actually, it will be 8 times this year, because we could only find a pack of 4 cups, and he can only eat 1/2 a cup at a time or he throws up.  But you get the idea.

Yarbo keeping his belly off the wet grass while we were building our garden this year.
Yarbo definitely drives me nuts sometimes, but we love him like crazy, because he's just that great of a dog.

Yarbo confuses our new raised gardens with his personal play area.
Happy 4th birthday Yarbo!

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