Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Back to School! (Already)

We had our first day back to school yesterday.  Since Peanut is due in September, we decided to get a head start on school, so we'd be able to take off a few weeks guilt-free after he comes.  The kids have decided it's a pretty good trade-off.

We started the day off with the traditional going out to eat on the first day of school (started by my parents back when I was homeschooled!).

After a good breakfast, we dove in.  The boys had written letters to their future selves at the end of the last school year, with advice and encouragement for this current year, and we read those before getting started with Bible.

Yesterday was pretty fun, and to be honest, there's something nice about getting back to a routine (though that enjoyment naturally comes after a nice, long break from it!).

Our school year is off to a great start!

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  1. Hi Kelli! I hope everyone is enjoying school! My name is Heather and I just have a quick question about your blog! My email is Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)