Thursday, August 1, 2013

I would never have guessed...

The other day, I came in the front door after a long afternoon out with the kids, only to find this on the table:

I started thinking through possible reasons - but my birthday and anniversary are all pretty far away right now.  I had almost chalked it up to another "just because" bouquet, when I spotted the card tucked into them.

"Happy 3 years since the end of treatment!!"

I had completely forgotten, but my sweet husband hadn't.  Three years ago that day, I had finished my cancer treatments.  Suddenly my mind was in another place, another world.  I remembered crying the entire way home from the hospital that day, because I was so overwhelmed at the idea that I was DONE with cancer, and because I was so grateful to God for allowing me to have victory over that terrible disease.

I also remembered wondering what God would have for my life, and I really had no idea.  We had wanted children for so long before cancer ever hit, but at that point, it just seemed so painfully far off.

But the fact is, I serve an amazingly huge God who just loves to bless His children.  I deserve nothing, and yet He gives me so much. I would never have guessed that just 3 short years later, I would have adopted two children and been pregnant with our third!  God is great, and He is so good to our family. 

If you had given me a secret peak into a window of my future 3 years ago, all I can say, is that my life has moved far beyond what I would have imagined.  I'm so thankful that God has blessed me so richly, and so wonderfully, these past 3 years.


  1. Yay! God is SO good! Thanks for sharing and reminding us all to have hope even when the situation looks bleak!

    Kari Termont