Tuesday, January 6, 2015

It's been 5 YEARS!!

Dave came home from work and handed me a card and chocolates.  I was confused, until I opened it up and read the card.  He'd remembered that it had been FIVE YEARS since I was diagnosed with cancer.


I watched the days go by in 2010 and counted down till I was done that year.
2 surgeries.
76 doctor's appointments.
9 scars.
8 rounds of chemo.
35 shots I had to give myself.
33 days of radiation.

1 wig, and 2 fake eyelashes to make it through, and most importantly, countless prayers from family and friends.

Now.....5 years (!!) later, I have been blessed so much that I can't even keep track of it all.  Oh, God has been so good to me. He is good, he is faithful, no matter what, through the good and the bad.  But over the last 5 years, I've been given more good things than I can count.  Not the least of which, I count my husband, 3 kids, and all those who prayed me through the tough times.

I am thankful beyond measure.

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