Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Heart of Adoption: A personal story

I was sent a link  this weekend, and when I finally got a chance to read it, it was a huge encouragement to me.  So much of what I read really resonated with what Dave and I believe the heart of adoption is all about.

The first part is the simple (yet amazing) story of the children this couple adopted into their family, and all the children they are able to thank God for.

The second part of the post is more about the heart behind adoption.   He starts off talking about the fact that Jesus himself was adopted:
Have you ever considered that Jesus was adopted? If you’re like me, you’ve probably never looked at it that way, but Joseph was Jesus’ adopted father! Jesus was adopted!!  The book “Adopted for life” by Russell Moore pointed this out to me... When he took Mary’s son as his own, he named him Jesus, protected him and cared for him, provided for him, taught him scripture, and taught him his own trade of carpentry.   Joseph was Jesus’ Dad, and Jesus was his first born son to which the privilege of lineage belonged, and through which the prophecy of “Christ to be born the son of David” was fulfilled.  If we believe that adoption isn’t a genuine family relationship then the prophesy has not yet been fulfilled.

For those who have trusted in Christ, adoption goes so much deeper than our lives here on earth - it is a reflection of our relationship with our heavenly Father:
The Father reached down and called us sons; while we were but helpless orphans, isolated, trapped and without hope in a foreign land.  We were picked up, joined into God’s family, and now brothers, and fellow heirs with Christ.  His inheritance is now ours also.

Our goal, and our purpose in pursuing adoption is not just to become parents.  Ultimately, our goal and purpose is to glorify God through sharing his love with children who need Him.  The article closes with this statement:
In summary, I exhort you to delight in adoption, and celebrate it.  It was God’s idea, and God’s plan; not primarily so we could have happy families of different colored children, but so God could everyday remind us that we were once orphans, whom he brought into His family, to share in His everything.  To God be the Glory.

Click here to read the whole article.

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