Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tasty Traditions

Lots of families have traditions.  We are a family with lots of traditions, especially around Christmas.  Some of them revolve around Christmas music, some of them are about the order in which things are done on the night we open gifts (which we pretend is Christmas Eve).  

In case you're wondering, the proper order of things on pretend Christmas Eve is: Dinner (always the same. Chili, Oyster Stew, and these little sandwiches that my brother can eat 8 of at a time), clean-up/put together the tray of fudge, cookies, and other such Christmas treats, sing Christmas carols around the piano, read the Christmas story, have family prayer time, then open the gifts one by one till they're gone.  That may have been more details than you wanted.

At any rate, one of the traditions we had growing up was an entire night devoted to decorating Christmas cookies as a family.  Some years we went all out - there were snowmen with plaid scarves holding a broom, holly leaves with family member's names written on them, and candles so detailed that there was frosting-wax dripping from the frosting flames.  For whatever reason, we haven't done it for a few years, but this year, we brought it back. 

My parents, brother, his girlfriend, and one of his residents (my brother's a CA on his dorm floor at ISU) all came over on Friday, and we decorated like crazy.  It takes a surprisingly long time to decorate all those cookies!  

Also, while looking at these photos,  it occurred to me how much our family really does like sports.  There were at least 2 ISU cookies, at least 2 Husker cookies, and a Chicago Bears cookie.  

I guess where your heart is, there your cookie decorating skills shall be also.

But I love the memories it brought back, and I loved having time to sit around the table with family and friends.  Plus, our house smelled like sugar cookies, which is just about the most cozy smell I can think of.

And, in case anyone is curious, we definitely listened to Mannheim Steamroller while we frosted!

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