Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Getting organized....

I decided a few days ago that I needed to be more organized and intentional in my Bible reading.  And, I wanted to have a way to read through the entire Bible.  For many people, their go-to resource for that is the One-Year Bible, and if that works for some people, that's great!  For me, I always feel so scattered whenever I try that.  Just when I'm really settling in to a passage, it's time to switch over to something else.  I've also seen plans that take you beginning to end.  But I wanted more day-to-day variety.

So, to be clear, I want day-to-day variety, but with structure, organization, and a clear way to see that I'm reading the entire Bible.  And, until yesterday, I hadn't found that.


We got an email from our Sunday School group yesterday that was pretty much perfect timing.  In the email, they had several different reading plans:

For Shirkers and Slackers (read the explanation before downloading the plan)
*Edit: To clarify, the link for the download, and the link for the explanation, is about half way down the page

They also had a video from John Piper, who is an author and theologian.  You can click here to watch the video.

I chose the "For Shirkers and Slackers" program, because it fit all the criteria listed above.  You read several chapters out of 1 book each day, but each day is from a different section of the Bible.  If I miss a day, there isn't a cloud of guilt hanging over me, and I don't have to try to "make up" time.  And, with the dated plans, I always get annoyed if they start on January 1 and I don't.   Plus, I get to check off the ones I've done, and I like that.  

I know that not everyone who reads this blog believes in the same way I do, so this post might not be all that interesting for some.   But for those who do, and want more organization in their Bible reading, hopefully one of these plans will be a helpful resource!

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