Monday, January 10, 2011

Want to see our Family Map?

We are ALMOST done filling out paperwork for our homestudy.  Actually, I had thought we were completely done, but then, I found another 2 pages of worksheets that we were supposed to have already done that had gotten tucked behind other stuff.  Sigh.

Anyway,  one of the items I turned in today was our Family Map.  It was, by far, the easiest of the paperwork we've had to complete.  And so, I'll present it to you for your viewing pleasure:
Aren't we cute?  Just two little circles. The grey circle is so big because we have lots of room in our family for more mini-circles (kids, in case you were wondering), and the double lines going between us is because we like each other a lot.  All done according to the code set forth in the "How to draw a Family Map" worksheet.

Unfortunately, Yarbo was not able to be on our Family Map, but he was on our EcoMap, so he was at least partially represented.

We're still waiting to see if we can go to class tonight - it's supposed to be our LAST ONE!  But, it's also snowing out there like crazy, so they might have to postpone it for weather.  So, I'm going to go fold laundry until I hear whether we have class (I'm hoping they let us know very soon).

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