Monday, February 7, 2011

29 May Not Be a Graceful Year for Me.

If it seemed a little quiet on the blog over the last few days, it's because Dave took me on a surprise birthday trip!  But more on that another time.

I'd been thinking about the fact that my age would be creeping up one more number, and I thought that instead of moving ahead, I'd just do age 28 again.  It wasn't that fun of a year anyway, so I thought maybe a do-over was in order.  And, to make it all work out perfectly, my best friend is excited to turn 30, except that this is also her year to turn 29.  So, we decided that I would go back to 28, and she would advance to 30.

However, over the years, it could get confusing.  Plus, if she ever wanted to give back the year, that could really be a double-whammy.  I could have to turn 40 a year early or something.  Or I could have to skip right over a big number, like 35, and move right to 36 (I always think turning a number that ends in 5 or 0 is the most fun...).

Plus the more that I thought about it, the more I realized that Patterson women tend to age gracefully.  I still remember the first time someone who wasn't selling something thought my mom was my sister.  I say "the first," because it has happened more than once.  When I was in high school, I found it a little embarrassing (sorry Mom), but in recent years it's given me hope for my future years.  My aunts and Gram are all the same way.

So, this morning I was sipping my coffee thinking this all through, and I finally thought to myself, "I'll just go ahead and turn 29, and try my best to do it gracefully."  That thought had no sooner crossed my mind, when my coffee went down the wrong "pipe," and I spent the next 5 minutes choking, coughing, and sputtering, trying to get myself back under control.

It was not a good start to gracefully turning 29, but perhaps tomorrow will go a bit better!  In the meantime, whether 29 turns out to be a graceful year or not, it has been a fun day - lunch with a friend, facebook messages, and emails today, and a date with Dave tonight!

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