Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Experimenting with Sugar: Turbinado!

I said a little while ago that I wanted to try getting away from fake sugars, and go towards more natural options.  I checked out Truvia at the store, but found it to be more expensive than I really cared for.  At some point, I'll try Stevia, but to start off, I decided to try turbinado.

I like it.  A lot.

It's got a slightly different taste than white sugar, but it's a very natural taste - not a weird aftertaste like some fake sugars have.  And, it measures cup-for-cup like refined sugar, which makes it easy to use.

I've been putting it in my oatmeal, and I tried making Apple-Cinnamon Muffins, using turbinado instead of the brown sugar.  They were great!  A reader commented before that she grinds the crystals in a coffee grinder for some uses, as the crystals are pretty large.  I think that would be really helpful for some recipes.  For the muffins, I just whipped the eggs and sugar together, then let it sit for a few minutes so the sugar could dissolve while I put together the dry ingredients.  I turned the mixer on once more for a few seconds, then moved forward with the recipe.  Easy, and worked great!

I'd still like to find something that tastes more like white sugar, but for right now, I'm enjoying the experimentation with the turbinado!

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