Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February Goals: Mid-way point update!

Well, it's half-way through February, and I'm doing pretty well on my goals for February!  After another night of Zumba (which once again almost killed me!), I have currently exercised 320 minutes in the month of February.  That does mean I'm about 10 minutes behind schedule, but that's pretty easy to make up over the next two weeks.  It feels great!

I've really been enjoying reading my Bible more consistently too.  This week, Dave and I have been getting up a little earlier so we can read our Bibles together before he goes to work.  I've loved that!  I can't remember exactly how many days it's been, but I know that I'm on track to make 20.

I really like this whole monthly goal thing - it's just a couple of weeks until I can bask in a sense of accomplishment (just kidding....sort of...).  Anyway,  I think this might be working for me!

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