Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hello, is Mrs. Shirkee there?

Before I met Dave, I used to hope that when I got married, my new last name would be easy to pronounce.  I laid those dreams to rest when I told Dave I'd marry him.  And really, it's been a good trade-off.  Difficult name, great husband.  Better than the other way around.

For as long as I can remember, it's always easy to tell when it's a telemarketer, because they butcher my name.  Today was no exception.  

The phone rang, and I jumped, and when I answered it, there was that awkward dead air, and then some girl saying repeatedly, "Hello??  Hello???" (side note, don't you love it when they sound irritated from the start, when they're the ones calling you?)

"Hello?" I said.

Is Mr. or Mrs. Shirkee there? (shir - key).  

"What?"  I honestly thought I had mis-heard her. Mr. Shoulte there? (shoe -l - tee). 

"I don't think so." (and why did she drop the Mrs the second time? Is it because I still sound like a man while I'm getting over my sinus infection?)

I get that our last name isn't pronounced like it sounds (you know, it looks like sho-nee, but is pronounced shay-nee), and I'm not expecting perfection, but Shirkee?  Really? 

Ah well.  While it might not have been The Call, at least it made me laugh.

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