Sunday, March 6, 2011

I have decided I can no longer wait patiently for Spring.

This seems to be a season of waiting in our lives.  And, overall, I don't really like waiting all that much.  Right now, we are in the middle of waiting to find out who our children are, and I just can't stand it.  However, there's just not much I can do.

I'm also waiting (rather impatiently) for spring to come.  We had a burst of warm weather a couple of weeks ago that was just a mean teaser of the season to come.  It's made me just itch for Spring ever since.  In fact, today, I almost opened the windows to get some fresh air.  It was, after all, nice and sunny.  Then I looked at the thermometer, and realized it was only 34 degrees outside.  So the windows stayed closed.


All this waiting is making me crazy, but I finally realized I can do something about spring!  It may not be spring outside, but I have determined it will be spring inside.  So I started working on our garden.  I know it seems early, but Martha Stewart said I could.  And while she might not be a good example of a moral compass, she her assistants know gardening.

I bought some cute little starter pots in the $1 section at Target.  At 2/$1, it was a pretty good deal.

I put some glass beads at the bottom to help with drainage.

I had some seeds that I had saved from last year to start a garden this year. So, with that, I planted some red pepper seeds.

And some spaghetti squash.

And yellow squash.  I want to start more, but will probably do that next week.

It very easily could be way too early.  I was, after all, reading the April issue of a magazine when I read that Martha said it was time to start.  But there are two things I have wanted for oh-so-long:  a garden, and children.  I can't hurry the children along.

And so, I have started my garden, and officially declared it to be spring in the Schoney house.  I feel better already!

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