Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We did The Book (and an update on classes).

I've mentioned before that if you miss one of our PS-MAPP classes, you have to fill out The Book as punishment to make sure you learned everything.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, we missed a class because I had already scheduled my piano studio's Christmas Recital.  So, with a bit of trembling, we asked for The Book.  It's actually not the thickest one I've seen (it varies, depending on that week's material), but it was over 50 pages of reading and written responses.
Now, I realize that the book doesn't look all that bad, but every page had line upon line to be filled out.  Between that and the homework we had for last night, it was pretty much our Sunday night.  But, we feel very educated now.

Overall, our classes are going well.  They've been a big time commitment, but they've been really helpful to us as we try to process through which kinds of children we could help the most, and how we can cope the changes it will bring in our lives, while being the best parents we can be.

We've currently completed 9 out of 10 classes.  So, the end is in sight!  It's hard to believe that we only have one more week left.  I won't miss the 2 hours of driving every Monday, but I will miss  some of the people in our class, I'm hoping that our group continues to get together occasionally after class is over.

Several people have asked about the next step.

The next step is that we finish collecting all the massive amounts of papers, references, etc.  Then, our licensing worker has to write up our home study, and see if DHS approves it.   I don't think that my cancer will prevent us from being approved, but you can be praying that our study clears quickly and easily.  We are hoping for a licensing date of either February 1st or (more likely) March 1st.

After that, we wait for The Phone Call, keep praying for our future kids and for wisdom, and work at getting the house ready for kids!

The Phone Call could be in a couple of days after our licensing date, or weeks, or months.  However, since we want a sibling group, my guess is that it won't take months.  It makes me positively giddy to think that I could be a mom so soon!

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